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Delayed? Hell yes.

2007-11-06 00:03:02 by BaconMask

Although it's not 100% official yet, I am pretty sure that the next SAMV will be a little delayed. Not a whole lot, but I am having dificulty getting all of the voices recorded. It's tough to coordinate everyone's schedules, and I had one of my wife's friends flake out on me. I am not too angry about it, but I would have appreciated if she would have told me three fucking months ago, and not make me scramble to replace her. She would have been perfect too, which totally bums me out too. But, what are you going to do? There is only ever one person that you can count on, and that is yourself. So, Andrea and Saffron (Percy's mom) may have very similar voices. My wife is good at voice acting, but she is no Christine Cavanaugh.

Also, the animation is right near 75-80 percent done. That is good. The hardest scenes are behind me. Matt has done all of his backgrounds. I may have him do one more, but I am not sure yet. Just because I haven't completely thought it through and may end up doing it all durring the design phase.

No pic this time. I don't want to give everything away. Any new screenshots could really spoil things. I am sorry. If you want to see one new pic, check out my Myspace profile. It's my default pic. While you're at it, why not add me?

Delayed? Hell yes.

I like music, I like rythym

2007-10-14 06:06:21 by BaconMask

This is a new character. Her name is Denise.

The music in this scene is "Fifty Fifty Clown" by the Cocteau Twins. I was into this album when I first met my wife back in 1998, so it has special meaning to me.

Have you downloaded the new Radiohead album? And why the hell not? Go get it, It's badass.

And listen to "Jigsaw Falling Into Place". That song will definately make an appearance somewhere in this series.

I like music, I like rythym


2007-10-10 01:48:15 by BaconMask

Well, here's a look into the origins of the cartoon's title. Kinda.

On an update note, I am about 65% done with this thing. So much more to do. I still have to get three people to do their lines. It is gonna be tough to get one of my friends to do it, because he lives out of town and works swingshifts. =(((

On the bright side, almost ALL of the backgrounds are done!!! Matt has been doing a phenomenal job on them all. I am not going to reveal which ones he did and which ones I did. There is crossover work in some of them, though. A true prodigy, he and I vow to team up on all future Flash projects. This will make stuff go a LOT faster.


Ok, more to come.


More stuff

2007-09-24 07:14:38 by BaconMask

Alex's girlfriend Andrea returns with her first speaking role since SAMV ep.1 (back in 2004!!!)

Which is kind of weird, because she's mentioned in a lot of places throughout the series. She's a great character, and she finally gets some screen time! So yeah, check out episode 1 if you need a refresher.

More stuff


2007-09-17 23:02:50 by BaconMask

I've noticed that the quality of the Audio Portal submissions has vastly improved since the last time I really looked around. There are some near-professional songs there... stuff I would listen to in my car and such. I have a few songs I'm thinking about submitting, but now I'm kinda intimidated. They're actually really good though. Maybe I'll do that sometime.

I'm right around 45% done with Fries act II. No new pic tho. =(

An emo with a flamethrower vs. a goth with a chainsaw. Who wins and why?

Hello again.

Listening to: FC Kahuna - Hayling

I've been in Costa Mesa for the past week on a business training. While my colleagues have been going out every night partying it up, dining, caraousing, etc., I've been holed up in my hotel room slaving away on my parent's laptop. Working on this cartoon. Does that make me pathetic? Sitting around while I could be out boozing it up like a quote unquote normal person? Yeah, most likely. I give less than one eigth of a fuck what anyone thinks, however. I go to my stupid FileNet training, then go back to my hotel room, make a stop at Trader Joe's for dinner, then grind away on this cartoon.

What have I become?

Some kind of cartoon slave?

Yeah, but it's gonna be worth it. I'm getting really far on this thing and yes, it is worth it. I am so pleased with how well it is coming along.

So much character development in this one. Very little in plot advancement. But fuck that, who cares? There is so much time for that. The characters go through some real difficult experiences in this part. Like we all do. But the cruelty they endure is all with purpose. Patience! All will be revealed.

This hotel room smells like damp cigarettes and generic soap.

Don't think about all those things you fear. Just be glad to be here.

Braving the slums, vol. 1

2007-08-31 05:12:28 by BaconMask

Today at lunch I went to Wendy's and got a number five. I like Wendy's, because you're not strongarmed into accepting fries as a side dish. I like a little freedom, and when availble, I will always consider alternatives. It's kind of how I write a joke. I almost always throw out the first punchline that comes to mind - because that's the one everyone else is thinking of first. Wendy's chili is bitchin'. Having received a bad rap from that greedy bitch who planted a dismembered digit in her serving a few years back, I thought it just to support this chain and order up the very item that had been the recipient of such negative press.

On the cup, it states that their chili spends at least four hours simmering. The reason for that is to ensure quality. I may not be a chili expert, but they are on to something. It is tasty.

It seems crazy to me when I think about how much time I've spent thinking about this episode versus actual time putting pen to paper. I've given myself time to reflect on the avenues the story could take. Ed has submitted a fine manuscript, but even he was finding it difficult to proceed. We got a great start with the first chapter, but I was feeling scared and a little unworthy to keep going. It was like I wasn't ready. Something wasn't right yet.

The extra simmering has payed off. In a moment of clarity, all of the stories' threads wove themselves together. The vital twist this toon was missing came to me as if in a dream. I am truly excited to be working on this cartoon again. So when you think of really great chili, and are a fan of iffy metaphor, please keep this toon in mind while ordering a number 5 from Wendy's.

In chapter two, there are some subtle clues as to what is on the horizon, but please bear in mind this cartoon will be released in four (4) chapters. Chapter two's main duty is to establish tone and mood, and to plant some seeds. Which I think it will do very well.

If all goes well, an additional SAMV project unrelated to this one will be released a week or so prior.

Keep watching this space.

Braving the slums, vol. 1


2007-08-25 06:30:03 by BaconMask

Been animating all night long. I have problems configuring sentences at 3:30am. Here is a brand new picture of Percy, at the crescendo of a tirade. More to come.


Keep checkin' back, yall

2007-08-23 18:59:55 by BaconMask

I'm glad Shame has gotten a lot of support from NG. It's awesome to see that something I poured so much work into has caught the public eye.

But, for now the series is going on hiatus. Floating Manager may or may not be getting his own series. I haven't decided.

I have been incubating SAMV for a few years, and it has roared back to life. Production is in full swing, and it is going to be a fucking stunner when it is done.

Keep checking this spot for weekly updates, screenshots and commentary on SAMV: Lord of the Fries Chapter 2! I'm going to run some promotions that I guarantee have never been done before.


Well, Shame 2 is out.

2007-08-18 01:07:18 by BaconMask

I started this project in July of '06. I am kind of bummed to see it go, but on the other hand I am so damn glad it's finally done. It's a great cartoon, and I am really proud of it - but I am ready to resume work on SAMV again.

I have enlisted the help of a few very talented friends and my prodigy cousin Matt on this one. Production should be fairly quick. I have extremely lofty expectations of it, and so should you.

But for now, enjoy Shame 2. It may be the last one for a long, long time!