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Entry #27

Writing has begun

2013-03-30 23:01:32 by BaconMask

SAMV 7 target release date: Nov. 2013


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2013-03-31 00:25:44

It will kick multiple asses, I'm sure! BTW, future Happy 10th-year-at-NG Anniversary!

BaconMask responds:

Thank you friend!!!!


2013-04-05 05:34:20

Would you be interested in going to Pico Day at the NG offices later this month?
A longshot, I'm sure, just thought I'd ask. I won't know about turn out for another week or so...
Ever go to one of these NG meets before?


2013-07-19 17:08:07

Hooray! Finally! I thought you had forgotten all about it. Or, at least, life's problems made you forget