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Major setback, fuck the number 16000

2007-12-09 20:13:29 by BaconMask

Why in the hell did I choose to make this thing 30FPS? Fuck. Fuck fuck fuck.

I've exceeded the magic number of 16000 frames and playback stops. It sucks fucking ass. I scoured the net for ways to get around this, but nothing I've tried works. So I have some choices:

Reset the FPS to a lower number. Doing this means I have to go back to every scene, recalibrate every symbol, reanimate every fucking facial expression, resync all of the dialouge, retime all of the background animations, time adjust all of the mouths, etc etc etc. This will not be happening.

Cut the file in two parts. Fuck that, kills the continuity.

Hack away at the scenes, trimming them down and cutting out tons of dialouge to fit the Flash into one file. Sigh. I guess I have no choice.

I am going to delete about a minute and a half to get this thing to fit. There will be some kind of director's cut down the road.

This blows my mind. I'm beside myself with anger. But what can I do?

Life goes on. Fuck you 16000. Fuck you very much.


Ahh... finally. It's done. I hacked away enough to make it fit into one timeline and it actually flows better. I was going insane trying to get it to export, but it finally did. I did it. This cartoon is amazing. I am so relieved. It's 6:20am so I should probably go to bed. I hope you love it.

Major setback, fuck the number 16000


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2007-12-14 18:44:21

Damnit, it's like waiting for Duke Nukem Forever.

You shouldn't have tantalized us with those hot screenshots, Jason.