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2007-11-21 23:45:01 by BaconMask

SAMV 6 will not be out on 11/24, but it is almost done. Honestly, I would say 2-3 more weeks. I am sorry it's taking so long, I really am. All I can tell you is that it most definately will be worth it. This is definately the best work I've ever done, and it blows away the previous chapter by far. It is going to be a rather huge file, though. It will be a Christmas miracle if I can squeeze it in under 10 megs.

I've been trying to give this one a deep emotional center, and I really hope I got it right. There are some really complicated emotions I've tried to portray in this cartoon. Not in a melodramatic, superficial manner - but I get into some deeply troubled relationships. It's not a tearjerker by any means, but I really hope that I strike a chord with my audience.

And don't say "emo" unless you want a ruptured testicle.

Well, enough of this blab. I just hope everyone enjoys it.

Peace out, yall!

Last post until release


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2007-11-29 07:56:14

emo? lol no....
hey man i hope to see that soon!


2007-12-01 15:35:17

Oh wow, I didn't realize a great newgrounds artist such as yourself would enjoy my flash.
Thanks so much for the favorites!