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News Flash - No SAMV in 2008 =(

2008-12-31 23:35:47 by BaconMask

Sorry guys, it didn't happen this year. I can blame it on a lot of things - new job, long hours, zero ambition, not on speaking terms with some of the voice actors, drepressing experiences involving long time friends. All would be pretty valid.

I don't know, sometimes I wonder if fit in on this site. I'm getting fucking old, and I refuse to draw anything with Mario or that fucking hedgehog the kids are so fond of.

But, that doesn't mean I'm done. I submit news stuff like turtles screwing. It just takes forever.

I once challenged myself to complete a SAMV movie before I was 30. HAA HAA HAA HAA.

Happy New year to everyone who likes the series. 2009 will be a more productive year.

Oh, and here's a dragon I'm doing.

News Flash - No SAMV in 2008 =(


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2009-01-02 19:56:56

I do not know what difference my post here makes. However I do think of you as one of the most talented and best script writers and animators of this site. And feeling like not belonging here is pretty sad.. Becouse in my eyes you seem like a person who loves his work and doesn't just throw in random things and call it a day. No, you really work on it and it shows. And if that is to not fit in on a flash forum such as Newgrounds, then I don't know who does fit in here. That there are many young people here doesn't change anything, rather it proves your work has been accepted by all kind of ages and that, that is to be a true artist. To touch anyone who sees his/her work. If you would release a SAMV movie please let us all know =)

Oh and btw, nice dragon :P


2009-01-10 10:47:18

good luck!


2009-01-11 18:43:36

are you gonna finish the lord of the fries?


2009-01-24 00:00:21

Shit happens. But yeah your movies rock, so even if you don't finish what you started, hopefully you will continue to make awesome flash productions. Best of luck.


2009-01-28 20:58:34

Daymn i love that series - actually had a storyline and was genuinely funny

its 2009 so lets go!


2009-02-23 00:16:00

this is one of the best series on NG you shouldnt stop just because its not one of the most popular ones. i for one think youre a great animator and are getting better with every movie youre laso a very good writer.


2009-03-16 20:10:31

You should really consider doing another Shame By the Slice if you haven't already. If you're on speaking terms with the voice actors involved, that is :P.

Anyway good luck with whatever Flash you decide to create next!


2009-03-20 09:07:19

Aww man well hopefully you'll get around to it. shit happens man but we still appreciate your cartoons!

and the dragon is bitchin', you should use it in your next show, even if it's just a prop in the background haha


2009-04-03 21:15:59



2009-04-12 01:57:24

I think ZergoZ said it best.

Flash isn't easy. I know because I used to work with flash. It takes a lot of time and effort. And when you have a job, that's usually something you cant spare.
You obviously have quite a few fans that motivate you to keep going. I'd say do what you want to do, but I am one of the people that would at least want you to finish the SAMV series. whether it be one last episode, or a few more, You'll please a lot of people, and get some praise for it. But even if its not a SAMV toon, I'll still fucking enjoy it.

As for you not fitting in on this site, that's pure bull. there are people that don't even contribute anything decent to this site. I saw a users profile where 90% of his reviews consisted of only 2 words. He doesn't even submit any flash or audio content. You on the other hand; all but one of your submissions has earned at least 1 award.

So take it easy, and best of wishes to you.



2011-02-19 05:07:54

No SAMV in 2009, or 2010, or 2011 (so far). Time to call the series dead?